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[Book review] Miracle Morning - Hal Elrod

As part of my morning routine involves reading, I’ve decided to now follow the good habit of writing about what I’d like to remember from a book. Hal Elrod is a survivor (from a crash accident) and a serial entrepreneur who committed to improve his life and others one. His book ‘Miracle Morning’ describes how a morning routine can dramatically improve your life. The main idea is that morning routine can really transform you life by offering many advantages :

How to make your willpower 10 times stronger?

Among all the qualities that will make you a better person, we’ll talk today about willpower. I think there’s no need to explain why the force that will initiate your actions, help you endure adversity and prevent you from giving up is important. Willpower is a valuable asset to develop, so here are some techniques to improve it. To help us structure our discussion, let’s use the commonly accepted analogy that willpower is like a muscle.

Waking up early, first attempt

In this post, I won’t detail why I choose to wake up early. It’s all about improving my productivity and achieving my goals. Rather, I’d like to give you some feedback about those 3 weeks I’ve tried wake up earlier. The plan I usually wake at 7h15, except during the weekend, when I switch off my smartphone clock and wake up by myself at around 9h. I choose to set my alarm at 6h30 and to use the time gained to follow a simple routine :

Come on, follow me on the 10x path

This is a place to discuss about productivity and improvement; To be, in the long run, a better person. A 10 times better person. You might wonder why a 10x better person? Is it just even possible? Why 10 times? why not 100 times or just 3.14159 times? Let’s be honest: It’s just a fancy term for “a much better you”. Actually, all that matter is walking the improvement path.