[Book review] Miracle Morning - Hal Elrod

As part of my morning routine involves reading, I've decided to now follow the good habit of writing about what I'd like to remember from a book.

Hal Elrod is a survivor (from a crash accident) and a serial entrepreneur who committed to improve his life and others one. His book ‘Miracle Morning’ describes how a morning routine can dramatically improve your life.

The main idea is that morning routine can really transform you life by offering many advantages :

  • More time
  • More energy
  • More productivity
  • More self-confidence

Hal Elrod provides several facts/testimonials to backup his claims and address most common rebuttals about waking up early: For those that fear the reduce sleep, he explains that needed sleep is mainly a perception and how the way you go to sleep is more important than the number of hour you sleep. This was a little surprising at first for someone like me who has always believed that 8h of sleep were needed, but testing proved Hal is right: I wake up more energized after a 4h sleep than a 9h night if I follow his advices when going to bed. I also realized that my average need is more between 6h and 7h than the believed 8h.

Elrod also describe a ““template”” in the form of a mnemonic S.A.V.E.R.S to put a routine in place and watch your life change.

  • S for silence (Meditation / prayer)
  • A for affirmation (stating your goals/credo)
  • V for visualization
  • E for exercice (pushups, yoga, running…)
  • R for reading (to benefits from other knowledge/experience)
  • S for scribing (an ordered todo list, a journal, a book)

What I want to recall from this book:

  • Visualization works for athlete and numerous successful people, I have to get past my rational resistance and use it.
  • Setting goals is important, keeping them in mind is crucial (that's one of the main advantages, to me, for affirmation and visualization).

What I think about this book:

To me, this is definitely a good book because you feel self-motivated and inspired after reading it. The arguments/advices are valuable, the tone is right, Hal Elrod is so passionate and everything written is so true that the book resonate with me.

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