Cold Shower, the secret weapon of your morning routine

When I was suggested, years ago to experience cold shower, I had no idea of its usefulness. Now with many years of daily practice, I still discover some of its beneficial effects that I’d like to share with you. First let’s define my cold shower protocol: Getting wet with (very) hot water Wash myself with soap Set the water temperature to be as cold as possible Rinse with cold water I like to first wet myself with very hot water to amplify the thermal shock (ie.

How to make your willpower 10 times stronger?

Among all the qualities that will make you a better person, we’ll talk today about willpower. I think there’s no need to explain why the force that will initiate your actions, help you endure adversity and prevent you from giving up is important. Willpower is a valuable asset to develop, so here are some techniques to improve it. To help us structure our discussion, let’s use the commonly accepted analogy that willpower is like a muscle.