Simple steps to recover from failure

More than once in your life, you’ll experience some kind of failure: be it a breakup, a lay off, a betrayal, a refusal or whatever the form. In this situation we all react differently, but quite often people tend to feel miserable, depressed, pessimistic, apathetic. As I experienced one such situation last week, I’d like to share the simple steps I use to overcome all my bad feelings. Take your responsibility Blaming (lack of) luck, people stupidity/meanness/selfishness/cupidity/whatever is easy.

Overcome your fear

I clearly remember my first step on the path of self-improvement: I was 6 years old, alone in the dark, refraining from rushing inside my house, just standing in the yard at night, terrified by what could be lurking in darkness, but determined to stay where I was, determined to fight my fear. And that’s just what I did, for maybe 5 seconds the first time, 10 seconds the second one and so on until I could feel comfortable walking in the dark.