[Book review] Anything you want - Derek Sivers

"Anything you want" is a book about entrepreneurship, but definitely not the kind you're used to read.

This small (less than 100 pages) book will surprise you in so many refreshing ways:

  • Although a successful entrepreneur who has sold his business for $22 million, Derek Sivers delivers no sweeping statement about success. Rather he takes great care to describe his success as almost accidental.

  • Rather than focusing on systems/tools/methods, his book focuses on values and goals.

  • He possesses the rare ability to simplify things to keep only what matters. His lessons about 'Idea and execution' or '2 numbers business model' are, for example, brilliant and simple.

  • You'll learn from his 10 years of experience in one hour of reading.

What I want to recall from this book:

  • Success/money shouldn't be a goal but a side effect of your mission
  • Solving a real issue is the real path
  • The entrepreneur must stick to his values and goals

What I think about this book:

  • Derek Sivers is a great mind
  • Derek Sivers is a wise man
  • Few books have so much value packed in so few pages


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