About me

I’m a 49 years old French guy, father of 2 boys and a princess.

I’m an entrepreneur paid to solve complex problems involving computers, usually by building tools (software) or manipulating huge quantity of data, but sometimes coaching or managing people. On my free time I like to do the exact same things as it’s my passion. (More references on my Linkedin profile)

I’m an unorthodox person, so instead of trying to paint an inaccurate portrait of myself, here are some facts:

  • I’ve been working on self improvement since I’m 5 (when I actively started to fight all my fears)
  • I’m a Taoist practitioner
  • I’ve been doing Martial Arts since I’m 13: I hold a black belt, scars and broken ribs from various experiments (Vo Thuat, Kali Ilustrisimo, Muay Thai, Pencak Silat…)
  • I’ve traveled a lot when I was young, and I plan to travel even more now that I’m older.
  • I believe in my friends and family
  • I favor simplicity
  • I’m said to be stubborn, patient and nice at the same time
  • I’m divorced
  • I’m in love
  • I worship honesty, courage and duty
  • I can do (and have done) many weird things
  • I know many even weirder (and useless) facts

In short just I’m like you: flawed, intriguing and unique.

So don’t hesitate to drop a comment or write me an email, for we can know each other better.

One of my previous life (Blog in French)


Fedspot Top 100 Personal Development Blogs award (October 2017)